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WordPress Maintenance Package

 Keep your website healthy, secure and stable with a weekly WordPress Maintenance Package.
An unmaintained website will be prone to hackers, slowly loose functionality and eventually stop working. 
 Maintenance can be very time consuming. We can do this for you at an economic cost.

What we do for you

Weekly checking and updates to ensure all the latest improvements and fixes are activated.

The Core will be checked and updated weekly to ensure the continues improvement and functionality of your site.

Site will be backed up either every day or every week, depending on your requirement.

Weekly checking and updates to ensure all the latest improvements and fixes are activated.

24 hour a day monitoring for hacking attacks.

Live monitoring and notifications for malware attacks.

You will be sent a report every month to confirm that the maintenance is complete with a status report.

After updates are complete, your site will be checked for compatibility issue which may have occurred.  

We will check your sites health and suggest any improvements.


How much does all this cost?

This price is from £10 ($13) per site per month. This can be discounted to £100 ($130) for 12 months, saving you £20 ($26) a year..  If we need to deviate from this due to special circumstances, we will discuss this with you.

Why are you cheaper than everyone else who offers a similar service?
We maintain a lot of sites and have utilised the most efficient  systems. This allows us to get through much of the routine quickly.

Is there any contract to sign?
No contract, no money up front. You decide if you want to pay monthly or annually. We will set you up an account and send you a payment link.

Do you build websites?
We don’t have time to build websites, however we have partners who do. We can put you in touch.

Do you fix websites?
Yes, however only for our clients. If you need us to fix your site, you will need to subscribe to a 1 year maintenance plan. 

How can I talk to you?
We would recommend completing the contact form with as much information as possible. Also you can call us and if we can’t answer the phone at once, because we are helping existing customers, we will call you back as soon as we can.

How does it work
We need admin access to your site. Please send us a user name and password. We will then create a separate user account. Next we install security and update clients. When all is set up and working well we will electronically send you a monthly report and account.

How do I know you are safe?
We are a company registered in England. Our company number is 04285469 and company name is R and A Williams Ltd. You are welcome call us on 0845 5080734 if you want to talk to us. ~ Privacy

What if I don’t have access to my WordPress account?
We can sort that for you at no extra cost. You will need to let us know any details that you do have.

Does all this help with my search positions in google?
Yes, a well maintained and updated site will help with your search positions. We can show you examples.

R and A Williams Ltd. Company Number 04285469.
Any queries can be addressed to the registered office or by telephone on 0845 5080734    ~    Privacy

Wordpress Maintenance Package